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Keith Flint, Machine Blips and Green Frosted Tips. Prodigy Legend dead at 49

Keith Flint, Prodigy front man and vocalist passes away at 49.


Essex born electronic music trio The Prodigy lost its front man and shamanistic talisman, Keith Flint today at just 49. Set to headline SW4 this summer amongst a string of upcoming gigs off of the back of their most recent full length 'No Tourists'; this blow to the dance music world has been felt on a global scale as tributes pour out for him across social media outlets and national papers. The official statement from the band themselves mentioned that Keith had taken his own life, showing how important mental health is within the music industry and that it is evermore important to look after one another. A five minute conversation can change a life.


The Prodigy formed in 1990 amidst the emergence of warehouse rave scene. Hailing from a small town in Essex, they showed that a bedroom produced sound could captivate a nation through the use of clever samples, exciting rhythms and a live show like nothing else seen before. Often referred to as the godfathers of rave, they took loud electronic music and crazy live visuals to a global market that hadn't experienced anything on this scale before; the reflection of this being number one albums and sell out tours. Their influence can be seen throughout the industry to this day as many peoples gateway into dance. As genre pushers and benders they fused acid, breakbeat, hardcore and many other elements of dance to form their own unique sound.


In celebration of Keith Flint and The Prodigy, Sense Traxx have complied 20 of our favourite tracks spanning across almost three decades of whacky, hardcore, Prodigy classics. This can be found in the play list below.



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