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MMS001 - MUSIC MAKES SENSE, VOL. 1 - Tom Jay, Kalyde, Simon Shaw

Dreary January is out the way and we're heading towards Spring, a time of year where life begins a new. So what better time to launch our 'Music Makes Sense' series! This is our platform to not only showcase our roster, but also great dancefloor-focused music from other producers around the globe!

To start with, Volume One is a family affair with Kalyde, Tom Jay and label boss Simon Shaw on the buttons for this three tracker. Firstly, we start with Tom Jay's 'Hotline Fling' - anything that starts with tape hiss is good enough for me frankly! This is a great slab of old fashioned, chunky, housey goodness. Everything we've come to expect from Tom's music - Great drums and percussion with some lovely pads and keys. If you like four-to-the-floor house music from yesteryear, this is a must have!

Then we move on to Kalyde's 'Consensus'. Like Acid? Like Techno? Okay, good. Here's Consensus. Brooding 303, driving rhythm, great effective vocal chops and a nice bassline, just good stuff!

Then last but by absolutely no means least we have Simon Shaw's 'Follow Me'. As with Simon's ever evolving sound this one has a chunkier, late night feel, but, as ever, you can't keep the man away from the arpeggiator. Great synth work and a gritty bassline make 'Follow Me' one to keep in the bag for those sunrise sets! As we move into 2018, please remember that we value your support as much now as ever and we always aim to put out consistently good music for you guys to enjoy!

As always, please use Sense Traxx records responsibly. Have fun, party hard, but don't forget to go home!​

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