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Reckon has been with sense for over a year now, making a name for himself as not only a talented DJ but a lover of all things party. Frequently travelling across Europe to different events, Reckon brings all of these over seas influences back home to Sense Traxx. His style comprises of deep house, some minimal grooves and lots of vintage electro. This past summer he flew the flag for Sense Traxx in Ibizia, playing a closing set at Es Paradis's infamous 'Blue Room' b2b2b with his good friends and fellow Sense residents Mr.Quick and Tom Giles. When Reckons behind the controls expect big bass lines, skipping drums and samples; as well as a hell of a good time.

We asked Reckon, 5 important questions ahead of our Birthday on the 1st of December, with Artwork...


1. What’s your favourite track in your collection at the moment?

My favourite one is a track I've only just found recently found by Capeesh Society. Its titled 'Advice From Mates'. In fact I've only just come across Capeesh Society in general and I've bought all the tracks

2. Who would you say is the most underrated DJ/Producer currently?

The most underrated producer for me is Raveld. His tracks are the sort you hear during them afterparties under a bridge somewhere London at 12 in the afternoon (TRIPPY). And the most underrated DJ in my opinion is Reiss. If you've seen him when he's on the decks you already know exactly what im talking about.

3. Name one of the best moments you’ve experienced at a Sense event that you’ll always remember? (DJ set, something happening, funny/special/ amazing, etc

A funny moment was when we had Frankie Rizardo for the 5th birthday and I was up there watching him play his set. He mixed in this massive drop, place went mental. He turned round and I went in for the fist bump, he went in for the high five. So I changed to the high five while he changed to the fist bump and then the same again. In the end we just settled for a hug... Awkward.

4. Which Sense Traxx release have you been most excited about this year?

Definitely Jame Moorfield's 'The Momentum EP" which came out back in June on Sense's side label 'Deeper Traxx'. Tom's Loose Mix is a perfect party starter

5. In 3 words describe what to expect from your mix/ or set at Sense?

Groovy bass lines


Don't forget you can join us on the 1st December at Talk Nightclub for our 6th Birthday w/ Artwork.

Just head over to Resident Advisor and grab your ticket now.

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