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Music Makes Sense - Simon Shaw


Simon Shaw

Label boss Simon Shaw draws from many different genres and styles for his interpretation of Music Makes Sense. Simon has been at the helm of Sense Traxx for six years now, from small beginnings it has evolved to be one of the largest dance record labels in the South. This mean feat has been achieved through huge parties with up and coming talent, coupled with clever bookings of headliners; as well as continuos killer releases that have received huge support industry wide from the likes of Sidney Charles, Todd Terry, Jonas Rathsman and more.

With many sets across the UK and Europe, Simon has cut himself a place in the industry as a talented DJ as well as a successful label boss and A&R representative; working for the likes of Defected, Madhouse and Champion records to name but a few. Simon has also performed at some major festivals and venues including ' The Social Festival', 'Reading' and Londons 'Egg' nightclub, he has become a man collecting sets under his belt and even a few famous B2B's in his hometown of Southend on Sea.

We asked Simon, 5 important questions ahead of our Birthday on the 1st of December, with Artwork...


1. What’s your favourite track in your collection at the moment?

This is really hard as I am overwhelmed with so much music on a weekly basis, but I think if have to go on the track I am listening to and playing the most it would have to be more a playlist on Spotify called ‘Trip Hop & Chill Beats'

2. Who would you say is the most underrated DJ/Producer currently?

This one is hard, running Sense Traxx I feel like there are to many. A lot of the artist’s we are working with I feel are under rated and deserve more spotlight as well as support for their music. Nelson is one I think deserves far more support from other artists and fans.

3. Name one of the best moments you’ve experienced at a Sense event that you’ll always remember? (DJ set, something happening, funny/special/ amazing, etc

It has to be one of the parties back at The Sunrooms or Basement, the vibes in those small venues were second to none and always left me feeling on a high from how the hard work and time that gets invested into the nights pays off, seeing so many people enjoying themselves.

4. Which Sense Traxx release have you been most excited about this year?

Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark & Angel-A ‘Believe’ It’s just a straight up good piece of House music, vocals, piano, funky basslines and Soul!

5. In 3 words describe what to expect from your mix/ or set at Sense?

Varied, Energetic, Party


Don't forget you can join us on the 1st December at Talk Nightclub for our 6th Birthday w/ Artwork.

Just head over to Resident Advisor and grab your ticket now.

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