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Music Makes Sense - Type 1

Type 1

Type 1 joins us for this instalment of Music Makes Sense, he brings his usual character and chunky music selections; delivering a mix full of funky grooves and heavy hitters. Type 1 joined the Sense Traxx family a number of years ago. Always in attendance at the events and parties as well as being firmly behind the record label, he came to be a much loved member of the Sense team. In 2017 he took his place behind the decks ready for his debut set with Sense, the set was filled with crowd favourites, music old and new; keeping the floor moving from start to finish. Fast forward to 2018 Type 1 has become a regular in the booth with Sense and has performed at many different venues across the south for the label. Expect deep house and often something a little tougher from Type 1.

We asked Type 1, 5 important questions ahead of our Birthday on the 1st of December, with Artwork...


1.What’s your favourite track in your collection at the moment?

Currently right now my favourite track that I own is "Big Miz - Electrolites", I really love the sounds this track makes after it's main drop and the build up always creates anticipation from the crowd and the funky beat definitely gets the entire dance floor grooving. It has never let me down whenever I have played it.

2. Who would you say is the most underrated DJ/Producer currently?

Although he's getting a lot more recognition recently, Big Miz's back catalogue of music is truly sublime and there is very little music from this producer that I don't like. He covers a very broad spectrum of music for different set times; From brilliant warm up tracks that aren't too "fluffly" as I like to call it, but that slot well into build ups for big sets as well as his main dance floor tracks. Miz's tracks have a unique sound that I don't see a lot of other producers creating right now, this really makes him stand out from other producers in the industry.

3. Name one of the best moments you’ve experienced at a Sense event that you’ll always remember? (DJ set, something happening, funny/special/ amazing, etc

My first solo set at Sense's day rave in 2017 will always hold a place in there as one of my finer DJ moments, being my first big set time I had a lot more leeway with my music selection that I could really create a journey with my music which other set times had previously held me back from playing my bigger dance floor tracks, certainly one of the best sets I've played both musically and technically and was overall extremely happy with the result.

4. Which Sense Traxx release have you been most excited about this year?

My favourite release this year was one that took me by surprise, Sebb Junior's remix of Alex Ranerro's "Hard Case". This track is what really defines deep house for me, the feel good vocals and the overall groove compliment each other really well and this track ticks all the boxes for me.

5. In 3 words describe what to expect from your mix/ or set at Sense?

Non stop dancing.

Don't forget you can join us on the 1st December at Talk Nightclub for our 6th Birthday w/ Artwork.

Just head over to Resident Advisor and grab your ticket now.

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