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Music Makes Sense - Greg May

Greg May

Next up for Music Makes Sense we have a man with a very lengthly DJ career, bringing to the table not only experience but a real passion for new and fresh dance music. Greg has been part of the scene since the early nineties and has developed a sound reflective of his musical experience and varied taste. From his sets you can expect anything from vintage disco cuts to upfront bass driven house and everything in between. Further to his club exploits, Greg has also held radio residences at stations such as Kiss FM and Funky SX.

We asked Greg five important questions ahead of our Birthday on the 1st of December, with Artwork...


1. What’s your favourite track in your collection at the moment?

Addison Groove – F1nk

2. Who would you say is the most underrated DJ/Producer currently?

Felipe Gordon, S3A, Mendo.

3. Name one of the best moments you’ve experienced at a Sense event that you’ll always remember? (DJ set, something happening, funny/special/ amazing, etc –

Well it was great to be asked to play my first Sense at Annie’s Attic. As you know I’ve been around the block a few times and this is a young night so I was pleased to be asked. Simon and Finch made me feel hugely welcome and top man Henry Quick is involved who I knew before through my daughter, Maddie.

4. Which Sense Traxx release have you been most excited about this year?

I loved Kalyde – No Sleep from last year and Simon Shaw’s own stuff is something I always look forward to. Tom Jay too!

5. In 3 words describe what to expect from your mix/ or set at Sense?

Like my show, a little bit vocal, funky, discoey rolling through to some tougher stuff. Often an old school feel and a massive concentration face!

Don't forget you can join us on the 1st December at Talk Nightclub for our 6th Birthday w/ Artwork.

Just head over to Resident Advisor and grab your ticket now.

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