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Sense Traxx Want You!

Sense Traxx, have a huge year planned and are looking for new people to join our team. With plans already locked in to continue hosting some amazing events in our home town of Southend, we also plan for some very special showcases in London and more big releases on the label. Why do I want to join the Sense team?

Sense Traxx are growing faster than ever as they enter their fifth year and look to take on even bigger challenges. Do you love Underground House and Techno music? Do you live for the weekend? Do you want to learn more about music and perhaps have the opportunity to pursue a job in it? Well look no further.

What are we looking for?

We need to build a team of trusted individuals who will be able to help raise awareness over the weeks leading up to the events creating hype on social media and through their individual networks. ​​We are seeking 4/5 mixed, exciting and outgoing individuals to join our team. What do I get out of it?!

Everyone is motivated by different things and we take that into consideration here at Sense. The first thing we know that you will be thinking is, do I get paid? Well the answer is YES, we will be offering a commission to those that perform well and contribute their efforts as hard work should be rewarded. Besides money we want to offer experience and the opportunity to network with other likeminded music lovers. Remember, you never know where a 'Hello' could lead you! Sense Traxx prides itself on operating as a professional and organised brand and we feel that you will get great experience being part of our team. With this being mainly focused towards the our London venture, we also have the record label which you will learn to understand how everything works in conjunction with each other.

This is a great opportunity to earn a little extra cash, but still be out partying at the weekend!

Where do i find out more details?

Please email:


London - 27.01.18


SOUTHEND - 27.01.18

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