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STRXX0014 - Kalyde - No Sleep

Ahhh summer, horrendously packed public transport journey to work on a hangover, only to realise it's Friday and it's time to do it all again. Hazy grooves, cans of cider, you long for a pick me up. So did we, so when we heard this blistering EP from Kalyde, the office went mad! London based Kalyde returns to Sense Traxx with a heady two tracker with remixes to boot. The lead is No Sleep, this is a groooover! Jackin' techy dancefloor weapon this with plenty of acid licks, awesome bassline, lovely synth work and FX. 1am onwards for this, make the floor bubble like a bottle of shampoo! Remix on No Sleep comes all the way from Germany. David Jackson, already getting attention from Monki & Shadow Child, delivers a heavier cut for us! Moody and slammin' this is to be played loud and late! The second original, Eighty Nine - one hell of a stomper! Driving rhythms, great kick and a 303 lick. I could waffle on about acid for hours here but I don't need to. Get yer lugs round this! This is then remixed by none other than label mate Tommy Vercetti, making another return to ST the way only he can! Wicked bubblin' groove, awesome percussion & a bassline that brings the thing together. Lovely garagey pad licks and vocal adlibs. One hell of a record this! Lastly Kincaid and Sinal flip the script on Eighty Nine, stripped back, downtempo and just masterful. Packed with atmospherics, this is one of the most intricate piece of music we've put out. Kick back, brew a coffee, skin up and listen to this. As ever kids, use Sense Traxx records responsibly. Have fun, party hard, but don't forget to go home!


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