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STRXX0013 - Tobias - Fiya Bun

Sense Traxx Summer Sizzler is here! Sunburn, Sand in places where sand shouldn't be, questionable decisions and pints of foreign lager. All the things we love! Bradford based Tobias serves up a slice of home cooked house for us this time, on a lovely three tracker, two originals and a remix from Glen Coombs. The lead track is Fiya Bun, a percussive delight is this one. A track with attitude, making excellent use of tribal-esque bongos and wicked ragga vocal licks. The groove and bassline are tight as you like and the track progresses nicely. If you want something to set off your dancefloor, this one works day or night! Fiya! This is then remixed by Glen Coombes who takes a completely different stance on things. The kent based DJ / Producer offers us a progressive take. Bang up to date, with sharp synth work throughout. A lovely pulsing groove and pace and griity basslines galore. This is a rolling late night groover, one for you insomniacs! Lastly is the second original from Tobias, The Funk is a chunky house cut. An electronic edge to this one, lush chuggy bassline wih razor sharp drums and a lovely hat ride! You want to get some asses moving early doors then give this one a spin! As ever, kids, please use Sense Traxx records responsibly and remember. have fun, party hard, but don't forget to go home!

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