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STRXX0010 - Simon Shaw - Deep Within My Soul

As Aly-Us said, Time Passes On! So here we arrive at bonifde summer; festivals, overpriced luke-warm cider and great music. Just how we like it! This being a given, we're back with a sizzler of an EP, his debut sole EP on the label believe it or not, owner, Simon Shaw. The first track is Deep Within My Soul, an atmospheric groover with haunting vocal clips and a solid bassline, progressive leanings without any of the nonsense, perfect for midnight. Next we move onto 'Sine, Square and Saw'. Gritty, analogue and chunky. layered with stabs and melodic flicks, as always with Simon's work. Forward thinking, backward glancing on this one. 90's stab heaven - One for the heads. Rounding off the EP nicely with a a super deep house record, Tunnel Vision brings everything you like, but too cool to admit together. big ol' bassline, a subtle but essential vocal loop that builds during the break, great percussion, nice pad work and a chunky, thugged out feel to the track! This ones got attitude, we love it! Well, there you have it folks! A wicked debut, I think we'd all agree - We're super proud to put this out and hope you cop a copy! As ever, please use Sense Traxx records responsibly. Have fun, party hard but don't forget to go home!

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