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Tom Jay - Fallen EP [STRXX008] - PREVIEWS ONLINE

Fresh from a string of successful 2016 releases Sense Traxx kicks off 2017 with a four track EP from returning producer Tom Jay, featuring remixes by Simon Shaw and Julyan Dubson. Since his last release with Sense Traxx back in May, producer Tom Jay is back doing what he does best, and returns with some new club focused old school leaning house jams. Having been brought up on a diet of golden era 80’s acid and Chicago house it is easy to spot Jay’s musical influences, however he brings a contemporary and refreshing take on this classic sound. Remixes come from Sense Traxx head honcho and house music aficionado Simon Shaw, as well as label regular Julyan Dubson. Kick starting the EP is ‘Fallen’, a deep house cut propelled forward with lunging kicks and thrashing hats, emotive chord progression and timeless 80’s female vocal hooks. The tight production and its narrative then delves deeper with crisp drum rolls and filtering atmospherics. Simon Shaw’s remix is another peak-time builder, driven with a deep bass line whilst its visceral synth chords build. Next up, Julyan Dubson’s version takes a completely different route with a funk-infused bass line, signature 808 cowbell stabs and chopped up edits of the original vocals. Rounding off the package is Tom Jay’s ‘Strings Of Noel’, another jacking house cut this time featuring a more subtle and atmospheric piano hook, spatial strings and a vacillating low end. Click here to listen to the clips, including both originals and remixes from Simon Shaw and Julyan Dubson.

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