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Music Makes Sense - 007 - Finch Hare (4th Birthday Countdown)

Ahead of our 4th birthday we asked a few of our guests to put together 30min mixes of music you can expect to hear on the night.

From the young age of 13, Finchy’s music collection has been building, being brought up around a vast selection of dance, reggae and blues, music has always been a major part of Finch. His parents tried getting him to learn an instrument but it wasn’t for him and after purchasing his first jungle compilation he quickly picked up his first set of decks and instantly fell in love.

He first started spinning house music at the age of 18. The style of Finch’s music is dependant on the music he listens to outside of his sets. His love for Drum and bass and 90’s garage all play a role in his sets and you can see the influences in the music that Finch plays - Tuff Jam being a major one. Finch loves the raw baselines and big skippy hats, so when it comes to his music selection it’s always got a big bottom end with large, swung hats which describes it down to a T.

Carl Cox is a huge inspiration to Finch and, although not a massive fan of techno, Finch loves the way Carl delivers his music to create such excitement in his sets. Other set’s that Finch has witnessed and thoroughly enjoyed are notably the Di Chiara Brothers’ set at ADE in 2015 and Tristan Da Chuna’s all vinyl house set in Southend.

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