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Music Makes Sense - 009 - Vinny Caparatti (4th Birthday Countdown)

Ahead of our 4th birthday we asked a few of our guests to put together 30min mixes of music you can expect to hear on the night.

Coming from a very mixed musical upbringing, Vinny has always been around music and has always loved it from a young age initially wanting to play music in front of large audiences. Going to many different events from genres of music such as rock or jungle, he eventually found his true love for the house and techno scene after attending his first raves and got a real love for the more underground feel to it compared to other genres.

Since his love of underground House and Techno he has gone on to play in busy rooms including in Egg London Terrace, Lightbox london and even venues such as Great suffolk street warehouse. He has been producing original music now and collaborating with other artists over past year, expect new music to be finished over the coming months!!

He is influenced by artists such Basement Jaxx and their ability of playing a lot of old school classics that Vinny grew up around combined with the energy that they put into their performances to get crowd dancing. Cajmere is another influence for Vinny in the way he’s created his own image and sound which makes him stand out from other DJs, but also having fun with his sets which inspires him to want to play. Other artists that stand out to Vinny are from the likes of jey kurmis, rich wakley, Patrick topping & Truth be told

His style of type of music he plays comes from the love of funky basslines with groovy percussions which is implemented in the music that he chooses for his sets and mixes but he also loves any music that catches his ear and will try move those kind of tracks into his set to create uniqueness.

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