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Music Makes Sense - 005 - Moojaa (4th Birthday Countdown)

Moojaa has no set style when it comes to his music, using a vast variety of tracks when putting together his sets from all styles of dance music. When playing, he sets to take the people on the dance floor on a musical journey, using lots of peaks and troughs and a serious deep sound. You'll always find a lot of groove and bass in Moojaa's sets.

Firstly being massively influenced by the likes of Grandmaster Flash, this being the reason he originally picked up decks in the first place, alongside alot of other scratch DJ'S that inspired him to start. When it comes to house music though, Moojaa's influence list is huge, doesn't follow a particular style, and yet takes little bits from every DJ to play through his music.

DJ's such as; Danny Rampling, Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, Masters At Work, Erick Morillo and David Morales to name a few of the older DJ's that play a part in Moojaa's style. As for current DJ’s; Adriatque, Guti, Sasha and Digweed are amongst the few of many.

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