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STRXX006 - South Royston 'Work It EP'

Return of the Traxx, yes it is!

After a storming success with Julyan Dubson’s debut single ‘Make A Thing’ getting to number 1 on Traxsource, we are back with Southampton duo South Royston delivering a superb club focussed double A!

Firstly ‘Work It Out’, the first track on this EP is a bouncy floor filler, with excellent choppy vocals and a thundering bassline! Relentless in the build ups you’ll not struggle to whip up an excitable crowd with this!

The flip side of this is ‘Do It Like That’ - one for the heads, rolling bassline, heavy kicks and those all important stabs. A big ol’ diva scream and hey presto, we have a winner! A bit more late night this, when the red stripe has turned into double vodkas. Some lush synth work to match the hazey mood of this one.

The cherry on the bakewell is Italian Duo and rising stars the Di Chiara Brothers! They have remixed ‘Work It Out’ to great effect!! SQUELCH’a the bass with this one, jackin’ as you like with their signature percussion style, great hat shuffle and wonderful kicks. A delight to any DJ for their long sets!

Finally, Label Boss Simon Shaw gives us his take on ’Do It Like That’, as ever with Simons records, theres the progressive feel with the synth work however, this differs from the norm with the pulsating acidic bottom end twisting and turning its way though the track. This one mixes The Hacienda with Gashouder, check it!

Well kids, as ever, use Sense Traxx records responsibly! And remember, have fun, party hard but don’t forget to go home!

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