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STRXX005 - Kalyde ft. Youth 'Tied'

Well, summer’s almost done, Ibiza is thinking about the closings, festival season is drawing to an end, all doom and gloom, right? Wrong. We don’t believe that fun stops with the going down of the sun, in fact thats where we’re most at home! So to keep your spirits up, we’ve got something special for you!

Kalyde & Youth have delivered us a stonker of a single! This beauty is expertly crafted, a bumpy acidic adventure with some standout vocals and one of the most addictive rhythms you’ll get your mits on!

Because we’re a thoughtful bunch, we’ve also enlisted two white hot producers to give us their take on it!

Firstly, Rich Wakely, after grabbing our attention with the Wolf of Old Street out on Leftwing & Kody’s imprint Lost, he’s given Tied a dance floor workout. A tougher rub, still keeping the super bassline but giving it a more gritty feel. This is one of those peak timers you want in your bag!

Secondly a lush groover from Vangelis Kostoxenakis, hailing from the Greek capital Athens. This

We can’t wait for you to flex this in your home town so give us a high five when the floor erupts!

Don’t forget, always use Sense Traxx Records responsibly, have fun, party hard, but don’t forget to go home!

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