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Music Makes Sense - 003 - House Soldiers

The duo started DJing together back in 2012 which at first they only started for fun, mixing with all kinds of music they enjoyed at the time. A couple of years down the line they got interested in the production side of music which is where they started to define their house music sound. They currently are more focused on producing and spinning energetic house/tech house which has groove.

A couple of artists that heavily influenced the sound they make today and part of the reason they produce house and tech house, were Sidney Charles & Dale Howard. Sidney’s and Dale’s music inspired the House Soldiers work and the way they started to structure their sets albeit mainly the music they produced being the biggest inspiration. Their catchy elements to their productions shone out to them. Nowadays they look up to a wider range of well popular DJs such as Darius Syrossian, Hauswerks, Klangkuenstler and Cuartero to name a few.

Their style of music of which they play can be classed under “energetic and groovy”. They love to combine high energy music with anything that has a groove in the tracks nature in order to create effect on the dancefloor that gets the crowd moving. When given a prime time set the duo like to build up the tension with long breaks and effects. When playing towards the beginning of the night they like to keep things groovy using short breaks, lovely basslines and using snares to maximise effect.

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