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STRXX004 - Julyan Dubson 'Make A Thing'

Julyan Dubson, a promising talent hailing from Mannheim, Germany is welcomed with open arms into the Sense Traxx stable and he's hit us with a lovely 2 tracker on his debut.

The first is a wonderfully chunky deep disco cut, slap bass heavy, great vocal hooks and that all important piano riff. As we sizzle (or swim) through the summer months, be sure to keep this in the bag to set the mood by the pool or on the rooftop.

Versatile and talented, Julyan has also furnished us with a dancefloor ready dub of 'Make A Thing'. This time bringing the rhythm to the fore of the record, big drums and a lush pulsing bassline will keep even the most hardened veteran interested! The track is garnished with nicely worked stabs and a sprinkling of vocals to taste, warm up or late night, the choice is yours.

As ever, use Sense Traxx records responsibly, have fun, party hard, but don't forget to go home!

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