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STRXX003 - Tommy Vercetti 'Killa'

Sense Traxx sponsors Summer 2016!

Sun’s out, guns out right? Well, Tommy Vercetti takes that motto to heart and delivers us an absolute weapon as we enter the summer months.

His debut single with Sense Traxx is a sun kissed, housey delight! Like masterchef it’s got all the right ingredients; solid drums, a drizzle of organ, a splash of piano, wicked pads and percs as a garnish! We dare you not to dance to this!

One for those hazy nights after long hot days, put the after-sun on, scratch your gnat bites, swish a strawberry daiquiri about in your mouth and get this in your ears!

Remember, always use Sense Traxx records responsibly; have fun, party hard, but don’t forget to go home!

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