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STRXX001 - Manilla 'Janet'

So here it is! After a long time cooking in the lab, the debut release from London based Sense Traxx.

The lead record sees yet another debut, London duo Manilla deliver a pulsating acid kissed peak time roller. Janet, a driving stomper, packed with energy, edgy yet beautifully crafted. Perfect for those sweaty peak time sets.

The first remix is from Detroit based Dantiez Saunderson, carrying a famous last name but forging his own path in the music business. This time he’s put together a deep, groovy club ready cut of Janet.

Percussive, with a pulsing, gritty bottom end & scintillating synth work in the breakdown, late night or going through the gears, you’ll want to grab this!

Lastly, Sense Traxx head honcho Simon Shaw has put his distinctive stamp on Janet with a superb late night rework. Again, thoughtful in his approach to the remix, this keeps the acid feel to the baseline but adds bang up to date, almost futuristic synth work, making this an atmospheric and exciting late night beast.

Remember, always use Sense Traxx records, responsibly! Have fun, party hard, but don’t forget to go home!

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