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Artist Spotlight: Miles Ellis

This Friday, Miles Ellis lands on Sense Traxx with a debut EP - Bedroom Producer. Pulling inspiration from the 90’s house music and underground culture, Miles Ellis is an up and coming DJ with a heart for the studio. Based out of Arizona, Miles's formative years were heavily influenced by his musician Dad who played the guitar in a band called 'Full Thrust' in the 80s and 90s. A drum set bought by his dad on his 5th Birthday played a key part in building the producer's foundation and later on, his obsession with drum machines. He describes his music as "raw and authentic" - his music being played by Saoirse in BBC R1, and supported by Ben Sims, is a testament to that. This EP features 3 quality raw house tracks which will certainly smash dance floors when we return to them very soon. You can pre-order it here.

"It's music in its purest form because I just make what I like - it's a form of expression of my inner process"

Which artists if any have influenced your sound?

I have definitely been influenced by lots of artists: Kerri Chandler, KiNK, The Surgeon, Aphex Twin, Leo Pol, Fjaak. I really enjoy live acts as I really appreciate music being made in real time.

What is your earliest musical memory?

I was five and being surrounded by a lot of people at my house on my birthday telling me to play the drums my father had bought me. I was way too shy to play so I got off and wanted to go eat cake or something haha.

You have quite the live setup. How do you think it's enhanced / impacted your production?

I think it's more "freeing" to say - I am able to just jump in and jam, my production level has always been essentially a fast process and this makes it too easy sometimes.

Your track "Bedroom Producer" was played by Saoirse on Radio 1 - how did that come about?

I actually really lucked out with that, I sent her that track after reading an instagram post. She wanted demos for the show and I said hey why not, and she replied and said yeah send this over. I still really appreciate her for that!

You have quite the catalogue of music. What keeps you inspired and driven to keep making music?

It's all about the music man, I love music. It's my way of talking and expressing myself, and having the raw expression that I do. It's music in its purest form because I just make what I like - it's a form of expression of my inner process. My own language if you will :)

Thanks for answering our questions Miles and delivering a cracking EP - expect more to come from him on Sense this year!


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