Music Makes Sense - Arlo & Henry K

November 20, 2018



 Arlo & Henry K


Arlo & Henry K had the task of recording Music Makes Sense 020 for us, they certainly didn't disappoint. The pair have been side by side in DJ booths across the uk making appearances at various different nights as well as regular fixtures in their home town of southend on sea. They pull together different influences from various genres such as Garage, Jungle and techno but all of these things combined it produces Arlo & Henry k's signature sound. expect deep wobbling bass, exciting rhythms and musical twists and turns from these lads. 



We asked Arlo & Henry K 5 important questions ahead of our Birthday on the 1st of December, with Artwork...

1. What’s your favourite track in your collection at the moment?


Arlo  - M.F Project - Body Grooving (Raw Mix)


Henry - Rhymos - Seizure



2. Who would you say is the most underrated DJ/Producer currently?


Arlo - Gene on Earth


Henry - Alex Renerro



3. Name one of the best moments you’ve experienced at a Sense event that you’ll always remember? (DJ set, something happening, funny/special)


Arlo - Probably the Kevin Over party for me, wicked music throughout the day/night. The after party in the Hotel room definitely didn’t disappoint either !


Henry - Watching Finchy playing some garage at one of the first day events at Annie’s in the garden last year.



4. Which Sense Traxx release have you been most excited about this year?


Both of us have heard snippets of a future release from a certain Mr Giles, which we are looking forward to hearing the end product of.



5. In 3 words describe what to expect from your mix/ or set at Sense?






Don't forget you can join us on the 1st December at Talk Nightclub for our 6th Birthday w/ Artwork.


Just head over to Resident Advisor and grab your ticket now.






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