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PRINTWORKS: A First Hand Experience

After the recent opening of Printworks in London we thought we’d send a couple of Sense Traxx team down to the venue to check it out for ourselves and we were far from disappointed!

It seems the Printworks team have covered all bases and delivered a unique venue that London has been crying out for!


From the moment you step out of Canada Water station you can tell that it’s a well organised event, there are stewards and sign posts all the way to the venue which is located on the industrial estate about a 5 minute walk from the station. Security are thorough but as friendly as ever and once you’re in and have your drinks tokens expect to queue no more as there are multiple bars through the venue that are well staffed.

As for the main room, you are blown away as soon as

you walk in, with much of the printing facility's original

layout and machinery retained the whole place has an industrial feel to it and although it might be bright sunshine outside you would never know. Time feels irrelevant here, it’s dark and smoky from the get go.

Production is some of the best we’ve seen, lighting is staged through the runway like dance floor and hundreds of brightly coloured lasers beam back through the space creating a truly euphoric experience. Sound has also been well thought out as speakers are also staged throughout the dancefloor,

its slightly quieter in the middle but with a little tweaking it

could become one of the best systems in London.


Overall there isn’t much you can fault about this place. Great venue, great crowd and even better music!

Good work Printworks you have our backing! #supportlondonsnightlife

For more info & tickets:

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