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Music Makes Sense - 014 - Simon Shaw (4th Birthday Countdown)

Ahead of our 4th birthday we asked a few of our guests to put together 30min mixes of music you can expect to hear on the night.

I would describe my background as diverse, I love such a wide range of music. Everything from Jazz, Blues, Rock, Garage, R'n'B, and a huge range of electronic dance music. My interests are heavily into House & Techno, but scope to Drum & Bass and other electronic based music.

I started DJ'in over 7years ago, a little later than most people from my age, however before a DJ I was a musician playing Guitar & Drums. It's was almost an evolution as a musician. Being able to share my love of music to other people is such an amazing feeling and knowing they are enjoying it as well is a feeling hard to find.

If I’m honest my style is so varied I wouldn't say I have one, however one of the things I feel I do and I don't see it done often, is what DJ's were known for doing back in the day and that was not sticking to one genre. Although I keep mainly to a club ready and 4x4 beat, my sets can be very diverse - you can be jumping around to a dubby bassline one minute and fist pumping to some hard Techno the next. It's about the transition of getting from A to B smoothly and bringing all the energy and emotions with you as you do it. Hopefully you will hear that in my mix when you listen.

Many artists' influence me, some in more ways than others. People like Eric Prydz, Deadmau5 & Daft Punk are good examples for the show and production as well as the way the structure their sets. People like Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, James Zabielia are great for technically skills. People like Kerri Chandler, Jeremy Underground, Leon Vynehall and more underground artists come to mind when thinking of track selection. By taking influences from all of these people I can get the perfect blend in my sets and give everyone listening, watching and dancing the best experience ever possible.

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