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Music Makes Sense - 010 - Type 1 (4th Birthday Countdown)

Ahead of our 4th birthday we asked a few of our guests to put together 30min mixes of music you can expect to hear on the night.

Growing up, Type 1 was always surrounded by 50/60’s rock and roll from his father and 80s and 90s dance music from his mother. Always being open minded about all music he listens too, he’s always enjoyed the different characteristics that come from different genres of music. The environment around him quickly turned him to more dance orientated but still widely varied music, such as anything from Hardstyle to Garage. After picking up a set of decks in 2015 after attending many different styles of parties beforehand, Type 1 quickly picked up the DJ lifestyle very quickly with good music knowledge to boot.

Type 1’s style is completely dependant on mood, with anything from deep soulful house to hard kicking house music. Type 1’s music selection is more dependant on a unique sounding track rather than a heavy bass line, picking out sounds from tracks that you wouldn’t usually hear in and combining them to keep the crowd interested but keeping a happy bouncing vibe without making it too serious.

There are many DJ’S that influence the music Type 1 plays that he’s discovered through his musical journey, DJ’S such as Dusky, Washerman, Nic Fanculli, Veerus, Robosonic, Format B, Cirez D, George Fitzgerald, Paranoid London and wAFF to name a few. Type 1 loves to go to a party to see a DJ and stumbling across other acts on the night that surprise him, an example of this would be the Mekanism.

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